Michael claims the 2017 Club Championship Title

Michael beat Chris 3-1 in what was the conclusion of the Club’s two-month 2017 Championship tournament.

Michael opened the match with a straight win in the first game. Regrouping after the shaky start, Chris comfortably took the second game only to yield again to Michael in the third. With a 10-8 lead in the fourth game, Chris was close to equalise the match yet again. Michael, however, closed the gap and eventually clinched the title with a 14-12 win after a close-call stroke.

Head to the clip below to see (nearly) the whole thing.

Club Championship entries by 12th May

The Club Championship will be held between 15th May and 7th July.

Anyone wanting to enter the tournament please put your name on the list at the club or use our contact formThe closing date for entries is 12th May. £5 entrance fee.

All first round losers will be entered into the Plate competition. 

The first round will start on in 15th May, and the finals night will be held on 7th July. If you enter the competition please adhere to the time frame for games.

Switching from divisions to a ladder

Starting this October we’re introducing a new inner-club competition based on a leapfrog ladder. For the month of October it will run in parallel to the current division-based format and – if met with enough interest – will subsequently replace it.

The rules are quite simple: Players are ranked according to their level of skill. They challenge players ranked higher on the ladder. If the lower-ranked player wins, he/she takes the higher-ranked player’s position and everyone below moves down a position. Otherwise, nothing changes.

The ladder is run completely online and the players themselves enter the results of their games. The system automatically notifies about challenges made and can even help out with finding a time slot for a game that suits both players.

We’re hoping that this new online format will help with finding closely matched opponents, ease communication and boost participation.

The details of the competition and how to join it are on the Ladder page.

Charlie is the new champion

Charlie (left) takes the championship crown (well, a cup) from the defending champion Michael

Charlie defeated Michael 3-2 to become the new champion of the Dunston Squash Club in the recently concluded tournament. The lads gave an exciting performance with Michael coming back from 0-2 only to eventually give in in the fifth set.

Congratulations Charlie!